Prayer For God’s Power And Love

Once there was a rich man who had a son to whom he promised an annual allowance. Every year on the same day, he would give his son the entire amount. After a while, it happened that the only time the father saw his son was on the day of allowance. So the father changed his pl … More

Paul tells how he kneels to the Father in prayer (v. 14), where all beings on earth and in heaven get their direction (v. 15). Unfortunately, many Christians have a very selfish approach to God in their prayer life. They are always asking, always wanting more from God. They want Him to make them rich, heal their diseases and make them happy and successful. If we want to receive God’s blessing, it is important that we stay in contact with other believers. Those who isolate themselves from God’s family and try to go it alone cut themselves off from God’s power.  It seems that we are seldom content to just get to know God better. Paul knew that if the inner man is what it ought to be, the outer man will be taken care of itself. In this passage Paul makes three essential requests and we should be praying for these daily:
  1. To let Jesus rule my life, through the power of the Holy Spirit. (vv. 16-17a)
    1. Strength (v. 16). - Paul is referring to internal power and strength. This relates directly to our knowledge of the written Word and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
    2. Depth (v.17a). - The key to depth is found in these three verbs:
      1. Dwell - to settle down and feel at home.
      2. Rooted - nourished and stable.
      3. Grounded - the foundation on which we build.
  2. To know and share the love of Christ wherever God takes me (vv. 17b-19a). God wants us to step out by faith and claim our inheritance (Phil. 4:13).
  3. To experience the very best that God has and never settle for anything less (vv. 19b-21). Positionally we are complete in Christ but practically we only enjoy His fulness.


I need to constantly be asking myself, “Am I experiencing God’s power in my life or just coasting?”

Ephesians 3:14-21 (English Standard Version)

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