Esther Chosen to be Queen

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It took one whole year to prepare these women for their presentation to the king (v. 12). During this time beauty treatment was prescribed, with oil of myrrh and six other perfumes and cosmetics (v. 13). We are not told how her turn to come before the king was determined. When called she would spend the night with the King (vv. 14-15). Keep in mind that she is probably meeting a man that she has never seen before. It appears that she had no choice in the matter. In keeping with the royal edict, she was simply taken to the king’s palace (vv. 16-20). When Esther was finally brought before the king, he loved her above everyone else and he made her queen (v. 17). To celebrate her elevation to the throne, he proclaimed a feast (v. 18). You may be prone to believe that God works only in the “important events” of life. However, all events are important if you are living in the will of God. Do your duty today, and let God take care of the consequences.

Have you ever performed some service for which you expected a reward or at least a thank you, and you received nothing? In the last part of this passage it states that “Mordecai sat at the king’s gate” (vv. 19-23). People didn’t know of Mordecai’s relationship with Esther. Two persons are introduced, and their plan to kill the king is revealed to Mordecai (v. 21). He reveals this to the new Queen, Esther (v. 22). After an investigation is made, Mithan and Teresa are found guilty and hanged on a tree (v. 23). Mordecai acted on this knowledge as a loyal subject of the king. For five long years nothing was said about this good deed, but Mordecai left the reward with God.  


The most important choices I make in life is whether I obey God or do my own thing. When I have opportunity to do good deeds, I need to do them with no expectation of reward. 

Esther 2:12-23 (English Standard Version)

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