Paul explains his conversion

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Three years after Paul’s conversion he goes to Jerusalem and visits with Peter. This was his first visit to this city as a Christian. He stayed fifteen days and only saw Peter and James (vv. 18-20). It would appear that the Apostles were suspicious of him and he had a tough time getting into the church fellowship! (Acts 9:28-30) As Paul left Jerusalem he traveled through Syria preaching the Word and finally arrived in his home area of Cilicia (v. 21). Historians think that he remained in the area preaching the Word approximately seven years.

In this passage Paul goes to great pains to show that his message was not from man. He did not receive it from the apostles, but directly from Heaven. Instead of going for instructions to Jerusalem he went into Arabia for perhaps 3 years of training. Then Barnabas came along and recruited him for the work in Antioch (Acts 11:19-26). The believers in the churches scattered throughout Judea did not know Paul but they had heard about him and how he was now preaching the faith he had once tried to destroy (vv. 22-24). While the Jews in Jerusalem rejected Paul the Gentile believers rejoiced in having him with them. Paul did not throw up his hands and quit when he was not accepted by one group of people but simply moved on to others who would listen to the gospel he preached.

We may not of had as dramatic a change in our life as Paul but people should see a change.


It is easy to be tempted to quit sharing our faith in the Lord because a certain group of people has rejected what we have to say. I just need to take courage that many faithful believers before me (like Paul) has faced the same problem and they just moved on until they found someone who would listen. That is my plan and desire also.

Galatians 1:18-24 (English Standard Version)

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