No Substitute For a Pure Heart For God

Tim Hansel in his book “When I Relax I feel Guilty,” writes some insights of what most people want from God. “I would like to buy $3.00 worth of God, please. Not enough to disturb my sleep, but just enough to equal a cup of warm milk or a snooze in the sunshi … More


Beginning with verse 17, Jeremiah lists three separate pronouncements:

  1. God called for the professional mourners (wailing women) to lament for Jerusalem. “The “skillful wailing women” refers to women wise or skillful at mourning. Jeremiah urges these women to wail until tears come to the eyes of the people of Judah. This funeral preparation was over the death of the children and the young men who were killed when the Babylonians broke into the city (vv. 17-21).
  2. God pictured the severity of the massacre by Babylon. The dead bodies would resemble the cut grain left behind the reapers in the field and no one would be left behind to gather the harvest (v. 22).
  3. God did not expect the people to boast in their human wisdom or strength. Instead they were only to boast to the extent they understood and knew God. God would vindicate the innocent and punish the guilty (vv. 23-24).
Judgment is for all unbelievers in heart (vv. 25-26). Judah cannot rely on circumcision to protect her for this was practiced by other nations. There is no substitute for a pure heart for God (Rom. 2:25).


People tend to admire human wisdom, strength, and riches. God puts a higher priority on knowing Him personally. What do I want people to admire most about me?

Jeremiah 9:17-26 (English Standard Version)

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