The First Speech of Bildad

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The second of Job’s three friends, Bildad, jumps into Job’s troubles. He is obviously the most dogmatic and legalistic of the three friends. He calls Job a windbag full of hot air (vv. 1-2) and goes directly to the heart of Job’s complaining that God is unjust (v. 3). His argument is that since God never distorts justice, He certainly would not be punishing Job for nothing. Therefore, he says that it is obvious that Job has sinned. Furthermore, it is Bildad’s conviction that Job’s children have died as a result of their sin. In his mind, the law of sowing and reaping demanded that conclusion. Now he is saying that Job is dying because he has sinned. For what other reason would he be suffering?

Eliphaz had supported his viewpoints by appealing to his own experiences (Job 4:8). Bildad appeals to scholarly tradition as the source of his authority. He uses a traditional proverb to show that the law of sowing and reaping is as certain as the laws of biology. The person who forgets God is cut off in the midst of his prosperity just as a spider’s web. A house that is so weak will fall down if you lean on it. (v. 15). 


Bildad wrongly assumed that Job was trusting in something other than God for security. It is true that only God can give lasting security. It is important what I have trusted in for my security?

Job 8:1-22 (English Standard Version)

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