Josiah’s Reformation

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Josiah was a lad of only eight when his father Amon died and he was crowned king to rule over Judah for 3l years (v. 1). He shares with Hezekiah and Asa the distinction of being one of Judah’s greatest kings (v. 2). The first seventeen years of his reign are left without comment in the book of Kings.  However 2 Chronicles 34 and 35 record how in the eighth year of his reign Josiah began to “seek” the God of his father David.”

In the eighteenth year of Josiah’s reign, at age 26, he began to repair the temple which had greatly deteriorated during the evil reigns of Ahaz, Manasseh and Hezekiah (vv. 3-7). In the process of renovation a copy of the Book of the Law was found and it was read to the king (vv.8-10). Evidently other copies had been destroyed and so this was a very important find.

When Josiah heard the Law read, he tore his robes and was horrified at the people’s neglect of the divine commandments and because of it the impending judgement that was to come (vv. 11-20). This points up to the fact that Judah had not consulted the Law for a long time. After consulting the Lord she sent a message to the king that God would surely send disaster on Jerusalem and the people of Judah. However because Josiah’s heart was tender (v. 19) he would be spared this judgement.





Today many people own Bibles, but few are changed by its truths. Like Josiah, the Word of God should cause me to change my life and bring me into harmony with God’s will.


II Kings 22:1-20 (English Standard Version)

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