Judas’ Arrival to Betray Jesus

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As Jesus was speaking, Judas arrived (v. 43). Notice here, as well as in verse 10 and 20 the phrase “one of the twelve.” Here the traitors’ act is being carried out. John’s gospel tells us that Satan put it into the heart of Judas to betray Jesus (John 13:12). It was a custom to greet a Rabbi with a kiss. This was to show respect and affection for a well loved teacher. Here it is a dreadful thing, however because the word Judas used when he said “whom I shall kiss, that is he” he used the word for respect (vv. 44-45). When it is said he came forward and kissed Jesus the word was that of a lover’s kiss. This hypocrisy may have tried to show the idea to Jesus that Judas’ heart was hurting because of what is to happen to him. In Judas’ address of “master” there lies a hint as to how his mind must have been working and that he had really trying to deceive Jesus up to now.

According to (John 18:4-9) Jesus delivers himself into the hands of his captors which shows that the betrayal and signal of Judas had no worth. This arresting mob came from the chief priests, the scribes and the elders. Even under Roman jurisdiction the Sanhedrin had certain police rights and duties in Jerusalem and had its own police force. Mark manages to convey the whipped-up excitement of those who came to make the arrest (vv. 46-47). Jesus points Himself out to them and here the mob had come armed with short swords and clubs as if for a battle. Jesus just stepped forward and said “take me” (vv. 48-49). “What the Scriptures say must come true.” At this point all of the disciples ran off and left him (v. 50). One young man even left his linen cloth and ran away naked (vv. 51-52).


Where do I stand? When the name of Jesus Christ is up for grabs, where do I stand?  When the battle for morality and decency is on, am I ready to speak up for Him? If I don’t stand for Him, in essence I will become a traitor.

Mark 14:43-52 (English Standard Version)

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