What is a Definition For Thanksgiving?

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This psalm is prophetic and anticipates the day when Jesus will reign. The setting is millennial, the place is Jerusalem, the scene is the temple, and the occasion is the coronation of Jesus as priest-king of the earth. The text of this Psalm was thought to be the beginning hymn for a thanksgiving service in which a procession of worshipers would sing as they entered the temple. It was a call to worship.

  1. Thanksgiving is about enthusiasm (v. 1)."Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” This psalm is universal as it says “all ye lands.” The psalmist is careful that the joy be tempered with adequate reverence for the object of worship, the Lord Himself. There is a song that we sing today that says, “Get all excited and tell everybody that Jesus Christ is King, Jesus Christ is still the King of Kings!”
  2. Thanksgiving is about worship (v. 2).The Hebrew word for worship can be translated “SERVE.” However thanksgiving is not just about service, it is about being “glad” in service.
  3. Thanksgiving is about knowing. (v. 3) “Know ye that the Lord He is God.” This is an issue of faith and trust. It is not as much about us knowing Him as it is about knowing the He knows us!
  4. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. (vv. 4-5) “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving.” Our praise and thanksgiving are not based on circumstances, but on our God.  This is about being happy about who our God is and what He does and making it public.

This psalm is also prophetic in that it anticipates the day when Jesus will reign from sea to sea.


It is so easy to forget from where I came and to take completely for granted all God has done for me. I want to be a person who gives thanks in everything as this is the will of God. (I Thes. 5:18)

Psalms 100:1-5 (English Standard Version)

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