Devotion in The House of God

A busy person writes these words. I came to see that my relationship to my Lord Jesus Christ, with the passing years, had eroded away something like a marriage gone humdrum. What did I do when I found a little pocket of spare time, on a Sunday, or a holiday? I couldn’t wait … More


In this psalm we have a picture of Heaven and home. Let us see what it has to say to us pilgrims in the world , but heading for home. You no doubt have heard it said, “Home is where the heart is.” The Psalmist longed for God.

The desire of the Psalmist -

  1. Desired to be in God’s presence (v. 1). Not for the Church building but for the Lord.
  2. Desired with his whole person (v. 2). Sought God with whole body, soul and spirit.
  3. Desired with a strong passion (vv. 3,4). True worship involves the pursuit of God.

The declaration of the Psalmist - Those who dwell in the house of the Lord will have:

  1. Strength rendered (v. 5). Spending time with the Lord brings strength to the inner man
  2. Spirit renewed (v. 6,7). With an eager heart, a willing mind, and the Word of God.
  3. Supplication rewarded (v. 8). The closer we get to God the more obvious His answers
  4. Security raised (v. 9). God is our shield. Never again will there be any worries.
  5. Satisfaction realized (v. 11). Grace to travel - help for today and hope for tomorrow.

The decision of the Psalmist -

  1. Choice to go the better way (v. 10). Some are good choices and some are better.
  2. Choice of trusting - not trying (v. 12). Trusting is turning the controls over to Him.


Would you rather spend one day in God’s presence or 1000 days in His absence - Verse 10. I am very thankful that I can experience the Lord’s direction as I meditate on His Word each day.

Psalms 84:1-12 (English Standard Version)

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