Paul’s Work as a Missionary

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Before Paul plunges into an account of his own missionary philosophy, he tactfully congratulates his brethren in Rome on their accomplishments (v. 14). He also acknowledges how they are able to admonish one another. Few, if any, can speak with such authority about world missions as the Apostle Paul. In this passage he gives a brief view of missions:


1. Underlying responsibility to the opportunities (vv. 15-16). Personal accountability for one’s own gifts and the opportunities given to him is first and foremost to every Christian.

2. Undeniable limits to personal abilities (vv. 17-18). Not a glorying in self, but in the Lord, for all that is accomplished.


As Paul closes out his letter, he discusses the characteristics of his mission’s ministry to the Gentiles: 


1. Confidence in People (vv. 14-15).

2. Centered in the Gospel (v. 16). 

3. Accomplished for God’s glory (v. 17).

4. Accomplished by God’s Power (vv. 18-19).

5. With Complete Dependence on God (v. 19). 



I am not to glory in what I have done as a missionary but in what God has done through me. I also need to be as proud of what He is doing through other people as of what He is doing through me.

Romans 15:14-19 (English Standard Version)

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