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The Results of The Good Reputation of Bill Gaither’s Grandfather

Bill Gaither wanted a piece of land to build a house in Alexandria, Indiana, the town where he had grown up. He noticed a parcel south of town where cattle grazed, and learned it belonged to a 92-year-old retired banker named Mr. Yule. He owned a lot of land in the area, and word was he would sell none of it. Bill and Gloria decided to visited him in his office. Bill said, “ He looked at us over the top of his bifocals. I introduced myself and told him we were interested in a piece of his land. “Not selling,” he said pleasantly. “Promised it to a farmer for grazing.” Then he said, “What’d you say your name was?” “Gaither. Bill Gaither.” “Hmmm. Any relation to Grover Gaither?” “Yes, sir. He was my granddad.” Mr. Yule put down his paper and removed his glasses. “Interesting. Grover Gaither was the best worker I ever had on my farm. Full day’s work for a day’s pay. So honest. What’d you say you wanted?” I told him again. “Let me do some thinking on it, then come back and see me.” I came back within the week, and Mr. Yule sold me the property. Three decades later I said to my son Benjy, “you’ve had this wonderful place to grow up through nothing that you’ve done, but because of the good name (reputation) of a great-granddad you never met.” (Gaither- I Almost Missed The Sunset).