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Our Guaranteed Reservation in Heaven – I Peter 1:1 – 1:8

Hanging on With my Teeth

Four guys decided to go mountain climbing one weekend. In the middle of the climb, one fella slipped over a cliff, dropped about sixty feet and landed with a thud on the ledge below. The other three, hoping to rescue him, yelled, “Joe are you OK?” “I’m alive....but I think I broke both my arms!” “We’ll toss a rope down to you and pull you up. Just lie still!” said the three. “Fine,” answered Joe. A couple of minutes after dropping one end of the rope, they started tugging and grunting together, working feverishly to pull their wounded companion to safety. When they had him about three-fourths of the way up, they suddenly remembered he said he had broken both arms. “Joe! If you broke both arms, how in the world are you hanging on?” Joe responded,” With my TEEEEEEEETH.....” (Charles Swindoll, Standing Out).