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Jacob’s Flocks Prosper – Genesis 30:25 – 30:43

Technique of Gaining The Trust of a Horse in Order to Ride Him

Monty Robbins demonstrates a technique of breaking in horses which have never been ridden. Through a series of words, hand signals, and eye contact he will communicate with the horse and gain the trust of the horse. The “language” he uses gains the trust of the horse’ He will demonstrate his technique with a horse which has never been ridden, and ride the horse within 30 minutes. Once he has ridden the horse he will ask the crowd to begin screaming, stomping, and making a loud noise. The crowd will do as he says causing the horse to panic and run wild. As the horse runs wild he will once again “communicate” with the horse and the horse will come over by his side and Monty will get on the calm horse while all of the noise is going on. Monty explains that this is because he has gained the trust of the horse. The world and Satan breaks you down with sin, guilt, and death. Yet, the voice of the cross says that the weight of sin and the pressure of the world has been overcome. When Jesus was lifted up, Satan was cast down. (Sam Pace - Sermon Central)