Moses Carefully Carried Out God’s Commands

Have you ever wanted something very badly and shopped for it for many weeks, seeking to find the best product at the most reasonable price? Finally the day arrives when you find it in a catalog and order it. Then you can hardly wait for it to be delivered. When the package … More


This must have been what it was like for Moses and the Israelites. The book of Exodus has given a list of the various components for the tabernacle and the assembly instructions are given. Picture one of the Israelites finishing one of the component parts and bringing it to Moses at the “tent warehouse” where all the tabernacle parts are being kept. The more pieces that are completed, the greater the anticipation of the first time all of them will be put together. The excitement of seeing the tabernacle “come together” must have been great, but waiting for the exact timing of this to happen must have been even harder.

This paragraph tells how Moses carried out all of the detailed instructions the Lord gave him: 

  1. The precise timing was indicated (v. 17). There was a particular day determined by God for this momentous occasion to occur. It was to be the first day of the first month of the second year. This was almost one year after the Israelites had left Egypt.
  2. Obedience with regard to the carrying out of God’s instructions (vv. 18-33). We are told seven times in this passage that Moses did exactly as God commanded him (vv. 19, 21, 23, 25-26, 29, 32). Finally, Moses had the curtain hung around the courtyard (v. 33),
  3. A priestly role. Moses seems to have had a priestly role, which continued until Aaron and his sons were anointed and installed into the official priesthood of Israel (vv. 27, 29, 31).


The physical assembly of the tabernacle required a long list of tasks and each was important to God. There are many seemingly unimportant tasks that need to be done to keep God’s work progressing. I just need to be willing to do whatever God has for me to do, whenever He wants me to do it.

Exodus 40:17-33 (English Standard Version)

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