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Nile Changed to Blood

Between AD 250-262, calamities raged all over the Roman Empire, from Egypt to the Hebrides. In some Italian cities, up to four-fifths of the population were wiped out. Men died like flies. Gibbons says that statisticians of the succeeding age estimated that one-half the human rac … More


It is thought by some Bible scholars that the 10 plagues listed in this portion of  Scripture may have occurred over a period of nine months. The first nine came in three series of three each:

            1.         The first three - all disgusting

                        a.         Nile changed to blood (7:21)

                        b.         Multiplication of frogs (8:6)

                        c.         The swarm of lice (8:17)


            2.         The second three - all painful

                        a.         Corruption resulting from flies (8:24)

                        b.         Disease upon the cattle (9:6)

                        c.         Infection of boils (9:10)


            3.         The third three - all disastrous

                        a.         Rain of hail and fire (9:24)

                        b.         Invasion of locusts (10:14)

                        c.         Thick darkness (10:22)

The tenth plague displays God’s wrath through the destruction of the first born of man and beast throughout all of Egypt (12:29).  Before the first of each group a clear warning is given to Pharaoh.  But before the last of each group no warning is given. A calamity simply strikes without notice.


Scripture warns people today of calamities that are coming but, like Pharaoh, most harden their hearts. I need to be ready for His coming in the rapture which could happen at any time?

Exodus 7:14-25 (English Standard Version)

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