Job’s Repentance And Restoration

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This chapter contains Job’s final words. He humbled himself before the Lord and acknowledged His power and justice in everything (vv. 1-2). Throughout the book, Job’s friends had asked him to admit his sin and ask for forgiveness. In this chapter, Job repents but ironically his repentance is not the kind called for by his friends. He does not ask for forgiveness for committing secret sins, but for questioning God’s sovereignty and justice. He admitted that his words had been wrong, and that he had spoken about things that he didn’t understand (v. 3). Job told God, “I can’t answer your questions! All I can do is confess my pride, humble myself and repent.” Previously he has known about God, but now he meets him personally and sees himself to be “dust and ashes” (v. 6). Job, the sinner, becomes Job, the servant (vv. 7-9).

Job had been angry with his three friends because they hadn’t told the truth about him (v. 7). By forgiving his friends and praying for them he brought back the blessing to his own life (v. 10). Job has a new relationship with himself, with God, and with his friends. Job ends up with twice as much as he had before. First of all he is reunited with his wife. He now has twenty children, ten with God, and ten in his home (vv. 11-13). Friends and relatives bring money for a “restoration fund,” which Job must have used for  purchasing animals, as eventually he has twice as many livestock as before (v. 11). In the east parents are especially proud of beautiful daughters, and Job had three of them (vv. 12-15). Even after all that has happened to him, he lives 140 years and sees his sons’ sons, even four generations (vv. 16-17).


Job’s greatest blessing was not the regaining of his health, wealth and family. His greatest blessing was knowing God better. Repentance means to turn around and go the other way. When God points out sin in my life, I want to be willing to turn around and go the other way.

Job 42:1-17 (English Standard Version)

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