Jotham’s Good Reign in Judah

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Pekahiah, Menahem’s son, reigned two years before being killed in a conspiracy by Pekah. Pekah then assumed the throne of Israel. It seems that he had never accepted Menahem’s claim to the throne and prior to this had set up a rival government east of the Jordan River in Gilead. Apparently he began ruling in Gilead at the same time Menahem took the throne in Samaria.

When Pekah took the throne in Samaria he made a treaty with Rezin, king of Damascus, against Assyria. This resulted in a military campaign by Tiglath-pileser into Philistia and then Israel. He took all of Gilead east of the Jordan River, Galilee and the northern portion of Israel.

As a result of Israel’s defeat, Hoshea conspired against Pekah, assassinated him and succeeded him as king of Israel. Meanwhile in Judah Jotham began to reign as co-regent with his father Azariah.  He reigned for l6 years and finally became co-regent with his son, Ahaz. Jotham was a good king but he did not remove the high places. One of his big accomplishments was the rebuilding of the north gate of the temple to encourage the worship of God.

Rezin, king of Aram, and Pekah, king of Israel united against Judah and forced Jotham and Ahaz to join them against Assyria. This proved to be a test of faith for the Judean kings and therefore brought great pressure from the two northern kings.


Jotham did much good but he compromised by failing to get rid of the false idols. For me a lifetime of doing good is not enough. I must put God first in all areas of my life.

II Kings 15:23-38 (English Standard Version)

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