Judgment Not Postponed

Billy Graham told how a number of years ago I was stopped for driving too fast in a speed zone, and in the courtroom I pleaded guilty. The judge was not only friendly but embarrassed for me to be in his court. The fine was ten dollars. If he let me go free, it would have be … More



The prophet Eusocial, having in the former part of this chapter received instructions for the awakening of those that were at ease in Zion, is in these verses furnished with words for those that mourned in Babylon and sat by the rivers weeping when they remembered Zion. The inhabitants of Jerusalem abandoned them, supposing those that were really the best saints to be the greatest sinners of all men that dwelt in Jerusalem. Observe how they are described: They are thy brethren (says God to the prophet), whom thou hast a concern and affection for; to whom the right of redeeming the alienated belongs, but are  far from being able to do it that they have themselves gone into captivity.

Two short messages were warnings that God’s words would come true. Less than six years later, Jerusalem would be destroyed. Yet the people were skeptical! Unbelief and false security led them to believe it would never happen. Since the prophets had pronounced the doom over an extended period of time and the fulfillment had not occurred, many were led to believe they either would not occur for a long time, or not at all (vv. 25-26). False prophets through flattering words had told the people what they wished to hear (Jer 14:13-16).

It is dangerous to say Christ will never return or to regard His coming as so far in the future as to be irrelevant today. All that God said is going to happen is sure to happen. This means that we should never assume that we have plenty of time to get right with God. God’s decrees are immutable. Blind and rebellious unbelief cannot break down his words. Those who set themselves against divine truth will find their words baseless and hollow.



In reference to the Lord’s return and the fact that He may return at any time I need to be ready always to give to give an answer of the hope that is in me and share the Gospel with them.

Ezekiel 12:17-28 (English Standard Version)

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