Jesus Takes 3 of His Disciples To a High Mountain

A man is climbing a mountain, at the top of which he hopes to find God. By ascending the heights, the seeker expects to leave all the cares and miseries of life behind in the valley. But while he climbs, God is coming down the mountain into the toil and grief. In the mists of the … More


Jesus tells the crowd that some of the people standing before Him will not die before they will see the kingdom of God come in power (v. 1). This portion of scripture is referred to as the transfiguration. The word means to change a figure into another form. It preceded Jesus’ time on the cross and may have been the Father’s preparatory provision to strengthen Jesus as He prepared to bare the sins of the world.

During this time Jesus takes Peter, James and John up onto a “high mountain” (v. 2). These are the same three that were with Him when He raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead. Jesus was changed before the eyes of these disciples as His garments became a glistening white (v.3). Then Moses and Elijah appeared and were talking to Jesus (v.4). Impulsive Peter didn’t know what to say but felt he had to say something, so he put his foot in his mouth by wanting to build three tabernacles (v. 5). At this point Peter and the others became frighten and realized he did not know what he was talking about (v. 6). God sort of rebuked Peter by covering them with a cloud and saying, “He is my beloved Son: hear Him” (v. 7). Suddenly as they looked around they realized that no one was with them except Jesus (v. 8).


Have each member of the family share a mountaintop experience they have had with the Lord. Conclude by sharing my relationship with the Lord at the present time.

    ___on the mountaintop
    ___in the valley
    ___in the desert

Mark 9:1-8 (English Standard Version)

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