Jesus Returns to His Home Town of Nazareth

For too long there have been churches who have felt that it’s all right for nice people to get together in their Sunday best, and listen to pleasant choir specials and little sermons that make them feel good about themselves and their homes and families and relationsh … More


Returning to His hometown, Jesus went into the synagogue where He had worshiped as a lad and began to teach (vv. 1-2). Remember that He did not leave Nazareth until He was about thirty years old. People knew him well and were far from being impressed by His message. Instead they questioned the source of His wisdom as they had known Him simply as the village carpenter (v. 3) and He had never been to rabbinical school. Four of His brothers are named and more than one sister is referred to so there must have been at least 7 children in the family.

The fact that they called Jesus Mary’s son suggests that perhaps Joseph was dead at this time. It is thought that Joseph died young and Jesus had taken upon Himself the support of His mother and of his brothers and sisters. In response to their attitude Christ says, “A prophet is without honor in his hometown” (v. 4). In this atmosphere Jesus could not perform many mighty works (v. 5). He was surprised that the people did not have any faith but he went on to surrounding villages and continued  teaching (v. 6).

Even today in an atmosphere of critical coldness and indifference the most Spirit filled utterance will fall lifeless on the human ear. This means that as children of God we have a tremendous responsibility in the attitude that we portray of either helping or hindering the work of Christ. There are many in our churches today who want Christianity without Commitment. I’m not talking about an emotional experience. Im talking about a commitment and surrender to God that results in a changed heart and life. If we put our trust in education, we’ll get what education can give us. If we put our trust in money, we’ll get what money can give us. But if we put our trust in God, we’ll have everything we need, for all eternity.


I must ask myself  this question: Is it easier to live the Christian life at home or away from home?  Why?  What are some areas that I need to work on in order to be a better witness at home?

Mark 6:1-6 (English Standard Version)

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