Jesus Delegates Responsibilities to His Disciples

During one of his political campaigns, a delegation called on Theodore Roosevelt at his home in Oyster Bay, Long Island. The President met them with his coat off and his sleeves rolled up. “Ah, gentlemen,” he said, “come down to the barn and we will talk while I … More


Jesus decided to ask some of his disciples to go up on a mountain with Him and it was there that He chose 12 of his Apostles to go out with Him and preach (vv. 13-14). They were Simon Peter, James son of Zebedee, John, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon and Judas (vv. 15-19). Jesus delegated responsibilities to each man.

Christianity began by insisting that these most diverse men should live together and enabled them to do so, because they were all living with Jesus. Judging them by worldly standards the men Jesus chose had no special qualifications at all. They were not wealthy; they had no special social position; they had no special education; they were not trained theologians; they were not high-ranking churchmen or officials; they were twelve ordinary men. But they had two special qualifications. First, they had felt the magnetic attraction of Jesus. There was something about Him that made them wish to take Him as their Master. And second, they had the courage to show that they were on His team. Make no mistake, that did require courage.

These men had all kinds of faults but they loved Jesus and were not afraid to tell the world that they loved Him. Their primary purpose was to be with Him and get to know His message (v. 14). Their secondary purpose was to go out as His personal representatives, to preach, and cast out demons (vv. 14-15). They had a message to give and the secret of their power was to spend time with Him.


This should be a reminder that no matter how busy I am I need to spend time with the Lord. Ask the questions: What does Jesus want me to be for Him? One thing I could do is delegate some of my responsibilities so I can spend more time with Him?

Mark 3:13-19 (English Standard Version)

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