Jesus Explained The Parable of The Sower

Many years ago, Chinese farmers theorized that they could eat their big potatoes and use the small ones for seed. Consequently, they ate the big potatoes and planted the small ones. As a result of this, over the years, nature eventually reduced the size of all the potatoes … More


Jesus explained the parables to those who stayed around after the meeting and really wanted to know the truth. His explanation of the sowing of the seed is compared to giving out the Word of God and the different type of soil is compared to the varying degrees of responses to hearing the Word.

  1. The calloused heart (wayside) dominated by Satan and totally unresponsive (v. 15).

  2. The shallow heart (stony ground) has no depth of spiritual character (v. 16-17)

  3. The stoney heart (among thorns) overwhelmed by allurements (v. 18-19)

(a) “the cares of this world”

(b) “the deceitfulness of riches”

(c) “the lust of other things”

  4. The fruitful heart (good ground) productive in proportion to one’s yielding to Christ (v. 20).

This is the parable to end despair. It may seem that much of our effort achieves no result; it may seem that much of our labor is wasted. That is how the disciples were feeling, when they saw Jesus banished from the synagogue and regarded with suspicion. In many places his message seemed to have failed, and they were discouraged and down-hearted. But this parable said to them, and says to us, “Patience! Do your work. Sow the seed. Leave the rest to God. The harvest is sure.”

If we are to benefit by the Christian message the parable says that we must do three things:

  1. We must hear it.
  2. We must receive it.
  3. We must put it into action.

Just remember that part of the seed never grew at all and part of it never grew to maturity, but at the end of the season there was a good harvest. The message is clear - Do your work - Sow the seed - Leave the rest to God - The harvest is sure.


There have been times in my life when I did not follow the clear direction or was overtaken by things. But as long as I stick to studying and obeying His Word there will be a harvest.

Mark 4:10-20 (English Standard Version)

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