Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law

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After leaving the synagogue in Capernaum, Jesus and the disciples went to Simon (Peter) and Andrew’s house in Bethsaida (John 1:44) some distance away. Simon’s mother-in-law lived with them and she was sick of a fever. Jesus touched her, she was healed and began immediately to serve them. This certainly discredits the teaching of Rome that Peter was the first Pope and never married.

This miracle tells us something about three people (vv 29-34).

  1. It tells us something about Jesus  He did not require an audience in order to exert his power; he was just as prepared to heal in the little circle of a cottage as in the great crowd of a synagogue. The need of others took precedence over his own desire for rest.
  2. It tells us something about the disciples. They had not known Jesus long, but already they had begun to take all their troubles to him. Peter’s mother-in-law was ill; the simple home was upset; and it was for the disciples the most natural thing to tell Jesus all about it.
  3. It tells us something about Peter’s mother-in-law. No sooner was she healed than she began to attend to their needs. She used her recovered health for renewed service. It is so true that we are “Saved to Serve.” Jesus helps us that we may help others.

That evening many sick and demon possessed people were brought to Simon’s house to be healed. They waited until evening because the law forbade them to carry any burden on the Sabbath day as that would have been work. The Sabbath ended when the sun had set and the stars came out. This is why they waited until evening. The crowds came to Jesus because they wanted something, not because they loved Him. Like many today, they wanted to use Him.


Questions to ask: When was the last time I sincerely told the Lord I loved Him? How much time do I spend praising and thanking Him in comparison to the time spent asking Him for things?

Mark 1:29-34 (English Standard Version)

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