Jesus Begins to Pick His Staff

After a Muslim in Africa was converted to Christ, his friends asked him why he became a Christian. He answered, “Well, it’s like this. Suppose you were going down the road and suddenly the road forked in two directions, and you didn’t know which way to go; and th … More


One day as John the Baptist was preaching and baptizing, Jesus appeared on the banks of the Jordan River and requested to be baptized. His baptism was not a testimony that He had been cleansed from sin (for He was sinless). He was merely identifying with sinners like you and me and acting out His death, His burial and His resurrection. God indicated His approval with a voice from heaven and the descending of a dove which was the first clear revelation of the Trinity.

Immediately Satan puts Jesus through a forty day wilderness testing where beasts were his companions and angels his helpers. After the imprisonment of John (perhaps a year later) Jesus begins His preaching ministry. He picks out four fishermen who are invited to become a part of His staff as fishers of men (disciples). Notice how quickly they responded to a crusade that would revolutionize the world, without counting the cost. Let us take a look at how He picked His staff:

  1. We must notice what they were. - They were simple folk. They did not come from the schools and the colleges; they were neither learned nor wealthy. They were fishermen. That is to say, they were ordinary people.
  2. We must notice what they were doing. when Jesus called them. They were doing their day’s work, catching the fish and mending the nets. They had a mind to work and work hard.
  3. We must notice how he called them. Jesus’s summons was, “Follow me!"  It all began with a personal reaction to himself; and a tug on the heart which brought unshakable loyalty. 
  4. We must note what Jesus offered them. He offered them a task. He called them not to ease but to service. He called them to a task wherein they could win something for themselves only by giving their all to Him and to others.


Over the years I have had the opportunity to help pick many staff members for our organization and. I tried to follow Jesus example of picking ordinary people, who are hard working, loyal and giving their all to Him and others. All that I am or ever hope to be is because of Jesus

Mark 1:9-20 (English Standard Version)

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