Hemorrhaging Woman Healed

A common phrase used in the world of healing is, “time heals all wounds.” I have found this to be more false than true. As a pastor, I talk regularly with people who are still carrying hurts from 30 or 40 years ago. The real truth is, time often makes things worse. Wo … More


We find one of the rulers of the synagogue shoving his way through the crowd to get to Jesus. This man had a high position of authority whose duty it was to be in charge of the service. In spite of his position as a leading person in the community, he humbled himself and fell at Jesus’ feet. He had a daughter who was very sick and he was begging Jesus to come and heal her. Jesus was always ready to answer the call for help so He went with Jairus.

A large crowd followed them pushing and trying to get close to Jesus. A woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve years touched Jesus garment. Immediately, the bleeding stopped and she knew her body had been healed. When Jesus asked who had touched Him, she began to tremble with fear because she was unclean and was afraid she had made Jesus unclean (Lev. 15:25-27).  But instead of the woman contaminating Christ by her touch, power had gone out of Him and cured her.

This passage tells us something about three people.

  1. It tells us something about Jesus. It tells us the cost of healing. Every time Jesus healed anyone it took something out of him. Here is a universal rule of life. We will never produce anything great unless we are prepared to put something of our very soul into it.
  2. It tells us something about the disciples. It shows us very vividly the limitations of what is called common sense. The disciples took the common-sense point of view.
  3. It tells us something about the woman. It tells us of the relief of confession. It was all so difficult; it was all so humiliating. But once she had told the whole truth to Jesus, the terror and the trembling were gone and a wave of relief flooded her heart.


There are times when even spiritual leaders need to experience humility and confess their total inadequacy without Jesus. As I think back; what humbling experiences have I had?

Mark 5:21-34 (English Standard Version)

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