Allow God to Take Care of Our Enemies

The devil was conquered by his own trophy of victory. The devil jumped for joy, when he seduced the first man and cast him down to death. By seducing the first man, he slew him; by slaying the last man (Christ), he lost the first from his snare. The victory of our Lord Jesus Chri … More


David had endured many false accusations and now he asks the Lord to not be silent (v. 1). The psalmist prayed that the Lord would take vengeance on his enemies. They were deceitful (v. 2) and hateful (v. 3) and rewarded his friendship with false accusations (vv. 4-5). It seems that he had resolved not to personally retaliate, but to pray for his enemies, but he is at the end of his rope. He prayed that his enemies would be opposed (v. 6) and be found guilty (v. 7), that his wife would become a widow and his children vagabonds (vv. 8-l0), that they would be made poor by an extortioner and plunderer (v. 11), and be pitted by no one (v. 12).

He also prayed that his enemies prosperity would be cut off (v. 13) and that the sins of his enemies ancestors would be remembered by the Lord (v. 14). Nothing in the arsenal of Satan’s weapons is more deadly than the mouth of the deceitful (v. 2). Some of David’s closest friends like Saul, Absalom, Shimei and others had turned against him. Nothing is worse than to have someone we have loved, trusted, helped and honored turned against us. David was convinced that the Lord would bring judgement to the people who went against Judah (vv. 7-9). Realizing his own personal need for God’s leadership, he prayed for help against his enemies. He prayed in full confidence that God would destroy them (vv. 10-13).

Sin does have consequencs (vv. 12-13)! No one was to show kindness to the guilty. In fact people are not even to be kind to the children left behind. He is to become a forgotten person.


David was not taking vengeance into his own hands but asking God to bring judgement on the evil people. I should never try to bring vengeance against those who have hurt me but allow God to take care of these matters.

Psalms 109:1-13 (English Standard Version)

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