A Nation Asks For Forgiveness

Because the younger children at a parochial school often forgot their sins when they entered the confessional, it was suggested that teachers have the students make lists. The next week when one child came to confession, he was heard unfolding paper. The youngster began, &q … More


Psalm 105 covers events up to the Exodus from Egypt, and Psalm 106 covers events from the Exodus to the Babylonian captivity. Like Psalm 105 this Psalm traces the history of Israel but for a different purpose. In Psalm 105 the emphasis was on God’s grace and faithfulness. In this Psalm the focus is on the people’s faithfulness and the Lord’s justice. It starts with “Praise ye the Lord” (v. 1). The more we think about what God has done the more we will appreciate Him for all He has done for us individually. Who can put into words all the mighty deeds He has done (v. 2)? Our birth, our friends, our family, our salvation, etc. Those who are in a right standing with God are blessed (v. 3). Remember me Lord and let me prosper with the rest of your chosen ones (vv. 4-5). The Psalmist introduces the theme of confession. He says, “We have sinned with our fathers, we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly” (v. 6). He uses three great words for sin: First, “sinned” means to miss the mark, suggesting sin by practice. Second, “committed iniquity” mean to be bent, crooked or perverse suggesting sin by nature. Third, “done wickedly” means lawlessness, suggesting sin by choice.

The writer recounts the people’s sin at the crossing of the Red Sea and in the wilderness (v. 7). As soon as the people heard that Pharaoh’s army was headed their way they began to grumble. But God overlooked their faults (v. 8) and overcame their fears (v. 9). He saved and redeemed them from the [Egyptian] enemy who hated them. (vv. 10-11). Israel believed His words and sang His praise (v. 12). In the wilderness, the people were so intent on getting food and water (immediate physical gratification) that they became blind to what God wanted (lasting spiritual satisfaction). With such a great deliverance from the Egyptians it is almost incredible that “they soon forgot His works” (v. 13) and failed to see the unfolding plan of God. Instead, they “lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert” (v. 14). As a result of their lustful desire God “sent leanness to their soul” (v. 15). Several times God gave the people what they thought they wanted, but with the gift came His judgment.


If I am ever tempted to grumble about something, I just need to stop and list the miracles God has performed for me. After all God has done for me, I certainly have no right to complain.

Psalms 106:1-15 (English Standard Version)

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