The Difference Between Anger And Anguish

If you want to learn what a person is really like, ask three questions: What makes him laugh? What makes him angry? What makes him weep? I hear people saying, “The time has come to practice militant Christianity!” Perhaps, but “the wrath of man does not produce the … More


David turned to his Lord for help and deliverance because he was in great need (vv. 21-25). He reminds the Lord of his sorrow, his sickness and his scorners. He is frail and feeble and has headed for the hills with his life in danger. It seems that this may have been written in the early days of Absalom’s rebellion. Absalom had the bulk of the nation following him, the armed forces supporting him and the cleverest men in the kingdom as his counselors. David knew that victory had to come from God.

David’s prayer for help was based on his desire that the wicked would understand, that the Lord would vindicate him (vv. 26-27), and that he might rejoice when they were put to shame and disgrace (vv. 28-29). He has resolved that it doesn’t matter if men curse him as long as God blesses him. He wanted this victory, not so much that he might triumph over his foes, but that he might have proof that his God was a God of character, to be trusted at all times, even in the most desperate times.

In other words, David wanted his deliverance to come in such a  way that ungodly men will be forced to see the good hand of God upon him. The good will be David’s but the glory will be God’s (vv. 26, 27). They must know that the deliverance of God’s “servant” is the Lord’a doing and that their judgment is also His work! Enthusiastically and loudly, the psalmist promises to extol the name of the Lord among the multitude (v. 30). He stands beside the needy, ready to defend them when they are on trial (v. 31). David concludes his prayer for deliverance and judgment by standing among the worshipers, filled with praise for the Lord.


I can be assured that when I face my greatest trials, when I am slandered by others and repaid hatred for love, God will be by my side to deliver me.

Psalms 109:21-31 (English Standard Version)

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