An Appeal to God’s Love And Compassion

A fatal accident, involving the lives of four young people, took place upon one of the nation’s highways. The evidence that liquor was the culprit was found in the broken whisky bottles among the debris and mangled bodies of the four youthful victims. The father of one of the gir … More


This Psalm was written by David sometime after his great sin with Bathsheba and his murder of Uriah (II Samuel 11:3-4). Some Bible scholars think it was about one year after this fateful event that Nathan came to David with his story about a poor man’s lamb that was stolen by a rich man to provide a feast for a passing guest. When David heard about this he said he would make him repay fourfold. At that point Nathan said “Thou art the man!” and immediately David was filled with remorse, shame and guilt.

David begins his penitence with a plea for mercy (v. 1). This initial plea is quickly followed by a plea that his sins be blotted out. He acknowledges his sin to God and admits that he cannot deal with it alone (v. 3). He does not blame society or his fallen nature but assumes full responsibility.

Some have questioned his statement where he says he had sinned “against thee, thee only” (v. 4). This does not mean that he had not sinned against Bathsheba, Uriah, Ahithophel, Bathsheba’s grandfather, and the people over whom he ruled. It simply means that while all sin is against man it is also against God and in comparison the human aspect fades into nothing. There is no such thing as private sin. Regardless of whom we hurt when we sin, God is always hurt the worst. When tempted to do wrong, remember that you will be sinning against God. This may help you to stay on the right track.


Is it possible that I have some unconfessed sin in my life? I need to remember that any sin in the life of a Christian that is not taken care of in this life will be taken care of at the Judgement Seat of Christ. There should always be remorse in my life when I sin.

Psalms 51:1-9 (English Standard Version)

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