Anticipation of Praise

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These next few verses of this Psalm may have been penned after David had escaped from his enemies and he wanted the people to recognize God’s system of justice (vv. 9-10). David was hunted by those whose love had turned to jealousy, and this was driving them to try to murder him. Trusted friends and even his son had turned against him.

  1. That His judgment must be exemplary (v. 11). Instead of taking immediate vengeance God acted according to His long-range plan which often allowed the wicked to bring shame to themselves.
  2. That His judgment must be explicit (v. 12). We have an example of this judgment at a later date in David’s life. Shimei cursed David openly and publicly but later came pretending he had never meant a word of it and stating that he was loyal to David. Later, Solomon put him to the test by commanding him to stay in Jerusalem. Shimei said he would gladly obey and did as long as it suited him but then when it was no longer convenient he lied as he broke his word.  Solomon immediately had him arrested and executed as a liar and perjurer.
  3. That His judgment must be complete (v. 13). When the people have been made to see God’s judgment but have not repented, then the judgment process must be carried a step further.  Complete justice demands that the full penalty be carried out without further mercy.
  4. That His judgment will be obvious to others (vv. 13b-15). The ungodly will recognize that they have received just what they have deserved.


God’s system of judgment and justice is perfect. When I try to change things they often only get worse. God made me and I need to listen when He speaks and not take things in my own hands.

Psalms 59:9-17 (English Standard Version)

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