God’s Enabling Power

G. Campbell Morgan, a profound British preacher whose four sons all became pastors, influenced millions with his preaching, teaching and writing. One day, when his young son Howard finished preaching, a reporter asked him, “Since you have five Pastors in your family who is t … More


The Lord tells in a vision how he has chosen David from his people and made him famous (v. 19). He says, “David, my servant, is the one I chose to be king (v. 20), and I will always be there to help and to strengthen him (v. 21). No enemy will outsmart David, and he won’t be defeated by any hateful people. God promises David that he will have His power to accomplish His will. This is made known through the amazing splendor of his covenant (vv. 19-37):

  1. Made with David’s personality (vv. 19-28 - Majestic, Merciful and Messianic.
  2. Made with David’s perpetuality (vv. 29-37) - Made to endure forever.

Without God’s help we are weak and powerless, inadequate for even the simplest spiritual tasks. But when we are filled with God’s Spirit His power flows through us and our accomplishments will exceed our expectations.

In light of Israel’s continual disobedience throughout history, this is an amazing promise (vv. 34-37).  God promised that David’s descendants would always sit on the throne (v. 29), but if they disobeyed they would be punished (vv. 30-32). However, through their disobedience and punishment God would never give up on them (v. 33). Israel did disobey, evil ran rampant and the nation was divided, but through it all a remnant of God’s people remained faithful. Centuries later the Messiah, the eternal king from David’s line arrived, just as God had promised. All that God promised He fulfills. He will not take back even one word of what he says. God is completely reliable.



I was challenged by a pastor several years ago to take out my label maker and make several labels with the words “Pray for Power.” I placed one on my bathroom mirror, another on the dashboard of my car and one on my computer. I need to do that again as a constant reminder that what I really need is God’s power in my life.


Psalms 89:19-37 (English Standard Version)

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