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Faith is The Opposite of Fear – Joshua 17:1 – 17:18

Destroying the enemy is important

At the time of this writing our daily news casts are being dominated by what is happening in Iraq. Almost daily our soldiers and innocent Iraqi people are being killed with suicide bombs, land mines, rocket propelled grenades, and various types of weapons. Approximately six months ago we declared war on Iraq and within a few days our troops marched on Bagdad and the other major cities of the country. Although Saddam Hussein (their dictator for many years) was not found and no one signed a peace treaty, our President declared the war over. Since then our troops have remained in the country to try to establish law and order and help develop a new democratic type government. However, on a daily basis our soldiers are being killed by what is thought to still be former leaders and soldiers of Saddam Hussein and perhaps aided by terrorist from the Al-Qa’ida network. The reason this is happening is because the enemy has not been completely destroyed and it appears this will continue indefinitely unless we can come up with a way to search and destroy the enemy completely. (Lou Nicholes, Joshua, Conquest of the Promised Land, 2004).