Conduct surrounding the Lord’s Supper

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Lord's Supper

This passage reveals teaching concerning the Lord’s Supper. Jesus Christ took the cup and the loaf, the ingredients of a common meal in that day, and transformed them into a meaningful spiritual experience for believers. The communion table will give us an opportunity for spiritual growth and blessings if we approach it in the right attitude. It is a serious thing if we receive it in a careless manner. What then must we do if it is to bring blessing and not chastening?


1. We should look back (vv. 23-26a). We must remember that Jesus died for our sins as a substitute (Isa. 53:6). He died willingly showing forth his love for us (Rom. 5:6). However, this remembering is not simply the recalling of historical facts, but a participation in spiritual realities.

2. We should look ahead (v. 26b). We are to observe the Lord’s Supper “till He comes.” The return of Jesus Christ in the rapture is our blessed hope and could be very soon. Jesus not only died for us, but He arose again and ascended to heaven; and one day He shall return

3. We should look within (vv. 27-32). We do not have to be worthy to partake in the Lord’s Super, but only to partake in a worthy manner. To participate in a worthy manner, we must confess our sins to the Lord. Paul said to examine ourselves (v. 28). 

4. We should look around (vv. 33-34). The Lord’s supper should be a demonstration of the unity of the church and not a time to look around and criticize other believers.


I Should prepare myself for taking communion through healthy introspection and confession of sin (vv. 27-31). Awareness of my sin should not keep me away from communion but should cause me to want to confess my sin and make things right so that I can participate in it.

I Corinthians 11:23-34 (English Standard Version)

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