Gentiles are Receptive to Paul’s Message

The godly Scottish preacher Andrew Bonar penned a diary entry. He wrote, “This day 20 years ago I preached for the first time as an ordained minister. It is amazing that the Lord has spared me and used me at all. I have no reason to wonder that He used others far more than … More


The Gentiles were very receptive to Paul’s message and wanted him to tell them more (vv. 42-43). The next Sabbath a great crowd, which probably was made up of mostly Gentiles, gathered to hear Paul (v. 44). This made the Jews very envious and angry (v. 45). The Jewish leaders started to argue and contradict everything that Paul and Barnabas said, so that the others could not listen. The thing that infuriated the Jews was that any of God’s privileges could be for the uncircumcised Gentiles. At this time the Jewish religion had a special attraction for Gentile women. Nothing in the ancient world was more lax than sexual morality. Family life was rapidly breaking down. The worst sufferers were women. Many of these women converted to Christianity. The Jewish leaders then persuaded their husbands, who were often men in influential positions, to take steps against the Christian preachers. Persecution resulted.

Paul declared that God had sent the Word to the Jews first, but since they had rejected it, he would now take it to the Gentiles (vv. 46 -47). The Gentiles were happy to hear this, and many of them opened their hearts to the Savior (vv. 48-49). Also, many witnessed to others, and God’s Word was given out all around the countryside. At the same time the Jewish leaders were so jealous of Paul and Barnabas that they went to some of the leaders of the city and got them to bring legal action against them. Paul and Barnabas were told that they must leave the city and not come back (v. 50). 

The missionaries were not discouraged, but simply shook the dust off their feet and went to the next town, which was Iconium (v. 51). They left behind a group of joyful disciples and trusted the Heavenly Father to take care of them. Paul and Barnabas had been obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and they were happy (v. 52).



Am I willing to share the gospel? Am I willing to present Christ to others even though it may bring persecution? There are always some who will listen, while others may mock and make fun.

Acts 13:42-52 (English Standard Version)

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