A Disagreement about John Mark

I was having a disagreement with my commander one day over a policy issue. Believing God can change people’s minds, I smiled and said, “Sir—I guess I’ll have to go over your head…and pray about this.” He replied, “Chaplain that is not fa … More


A contingent from Jerusalem, along with Paul and Barnabas, took the good news to Antioch (v. 30). Two of this group, Judas and Silas, are noted as especially being appreciated for their ministry by the saints in Antioch (v. 31). They remained in this dynamic church to minister the Word of God (vv. 32-35). An important doctrinal matter had been settled, and a split in the church had been averted. We do not know what had happened to the Judaizers. Perhaps they had already left, knowing full well that their phony credentials would soon be exposed. Or maybe they were still there, hoping that the strong Judaist sentiment in the Jerusalem church would prevail. In any case, the letter exposed and discredited them. This doesn’t mean that they changed their minds or gave up their goals. Such men rarely do. But for the time being at least, they were effectively suppressed.

For Paul and Barnabas, the triumph of Jerusalem was soon followed by a disagreement (vv. 36-39). When Paul and Barnabas decided they wanted to return to the churches founded on the first missionary journey, Barnabas wanted to take John Mark with them. Apparently, Paul thought the young man had not measured up before, and he probably would do no better a second time. Barnabas was determined to take him, and Paul was just as determined not to take him (v. 37).

Because a sharp contention developed between these two missionaries (who had just won a battle together for faith and love for the Gentiles), they decided to part company and go in different directions. Many have asked: did God intend for Paul and Barnabas to split up? I’m of the opinion that this was not His intended will, but despite the circumstances the Lord made “even the wrath of man to praise Him” (Psalm 76:10). Paul chose Silas to go with him, and they went north through Syria into Cilicia. Barnabas took John Mark, and they went back to Cyprus. A positive result was that instead of one missionary team, now there were two.


Warren Wiersbe says, “If God had to depend on perfect people to accomplish His work, He would never get anything done.” I need to remember that, even when I fail, God wants to use me.

Acts 15:30-41 (English Standard Version)

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