Irresponsibility is Found in a Fickle Foreign Policy

In a fishing village that lay at the mouth of a turbulent river, a cry rang out, “Boy overboard!” A rope was brought, and the strongest swimmer in the village volunteered to rescue the drowning lad. Tying one end of the rope to his waist, he threw the other among … More


Jeremiah makes a charge against these backsliding people. He paints four verbal pictures (vv. 20-28):

  1. An animal that had broken its yoke (v. 20) - Judah had broke off her yoke that had bound her to her Lord and followed after the gods of her heathen neighbor.
  2. A choice vine that became a wild vine (v. 21) - Judah had been planted and nurtured by God but in spite of His care, she had become incapable of producing good fruit.
  3. A stain that could not be washed off (v. 22) - Her sin had become so ingrained that even lye and soap could not remove it.
  4. A wild female camel and donkey that could not be restrained (v. 23-28) - Judah vigorously pursued her false gods and could not be restrained in her lust for them.

Jeremiah points out how Judah has become spiritually irresponsible (vv. 29-37):

  1. In spite of her sin, she thought she could bring charges against God (vv. 29-30).
  2. She forgot God’s past dealings (vv. 31-33) - “They have forgotten me.” (vv. 32-33).
  3. An indication of irresponsibility is her involvement of shedding innocent blood (vv. 34-35).
  4. Also, Judah’s irresponsibility is found in her fickle foreign policy (vv. 36-37).


If I desire something so much that I’ll do anything to get it, this is a sign that I am irresponsible, addicted to it and out of tune with God.

Jeremiah 2:20-37 (English Standard Version)

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