New Babes in Christ

Celeste Sibley, one-time columnist for the Atlanta (GA) Constitution, took her three children to a diner for breakfast one morning. It was crowded and they had to take separate seats at the counter. Eight-year-old Mary was seated at the far end of the counter and when her food wa … More

New Babes

Children are important to God. In order to demonstrate the importance God attaches to them, the Lord gave the disciples the following illustration (v. 10). Suppose a man who owns one hundred sheep suddenly discovers that one is missing (vv. 11-12). Will he not leave them and search for the one until he finds it. Then when he finds it there will be more rejoicing over that sheep than the ninety-nine which didn’t go astray (v. 13).

In the same way God, the Father is concerned about these little ones (new babes in Christ) and does not want to lose any of them (v. 14). While God permits man to perish in his unbelief, He does not send him to such condemnation against his will (II Peter 3:9). God wants “all men to come to the knowledge of the truth” (I Tim. 2:4). Instead, all of heaven rejoices over every lost sheep which is saved. After they are saved, He also wants them to be discipled. They are like new babies born into this world. “As newborn babies, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby: (I Peter 2:2). They are not able to feed themselves and they need milk (simple teaching), not meat.

It is dangerous to look disrespectful upon small children because God values them highly. The Father cares for them and the angels watch over them (v. 10). In these days of child neglect and child abuse, we need to take this warning seriously. It is better to drown with a heavy millstone around your neck, than to abuse a child and face the judgment of God (Matt. 18:6).


What am I doing to help new babes in Christ? Do I know of any new Christians who need someone to help them start to walk in the Christian life? Word of Life has a good ten week follow-up course to help new Christians.

Matthew 18:10-14 (English Standard Version)

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