Jesus Enters Jerusalem on a Donkey

I can imagine what this must have been like. In the early 90’s we took groups of teenagers to Israel. When we attempted to sing, testify, do drama and share the gospel with people on the streets of Jerusalem we were confronted with mobs of orthodox Jews who became very angry … More


Since it was Passover, there were probably about 2 million people in and around Jerusalem. This crowd was composed of Jews who lived in Jerusalem and those from Galilee and the surrounding countryside. Jesus and the disciples were approaching Jerusalem from the east as they came up the road from Jericho (v. 1). As they reached the town of Bethphage on the eastern slopes of the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two disciples ahead to find a donkey and its colt (vv. 2-3). The disciples got the animals and threw their garments on them. By this time a crowd had gathered.

Most of these people were from Galilee, who were already familiar with Jesus, and were on their way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. The week had finally arrived for which Jesus was born, the week in which He would die on the cross for our sins. This was the only time in His ministry that Jesus actually planned and promoted a public demonstration. He did this for at least two reasons:

1. He was fulfilling the prophecy recorded in (Zech. 9:9) (v. 4).

2. It forced the Jewish leaders to act. The prophetic Scriptures required that the Lamb of God be crucified on the Passover day (vv. 5-7).

The crowd spread their coats and branches on the road (v. 8). They were shouting and the entire city of Jerusalem was stirred (vv. 9-11). Jesus began to drive the money changers out of the temple and the blind and lame came to him to be healed (vv. 12-14) The priests and religious leaders saw His miracles and were indignant (vv. 15-16). He then returned to Bethany to stay over night (v. 17). God feels passionate that His name be honored and that His people be treated well (v. 12). His silence may unnerve us at times, but He overlooks and lets nothing slide.


How do the religious crowd of my day differ from the religious crowd of that day? As I go to church, sing songs, and listen to the preacher am I allowing the Lord to be King of my life?

Matthew 21:1-17 (English Standard Version)

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