Continuation of a Life of Praise


The psalmist knew the sweetness of his salvation, he knew the glory of the days he had walked with the Lord; but he did not know how many days remained for him to do so (vv. 12-15). He had been raised in a God-fearing environment and learned well of the goodness of God. His one concern was that he would finish well and that he would be able to relate to the power and glory of God in his present generation (vv. 16-18). He speaks of how God’s deeds of kindness are not only known in the heavens but will make him truly great (vv. 19-21). He closes by saying he will play the harp as he sings and shouts to the Holy One of Israel all the day long (vv. 22-24).

Because of what the Lord had done for the aging psalmist all of his life he vowed to continue to praise Him for future deliverances. He expresses his determination to hope in and praise God for His righteousness, salvation, and mighty saving acts (v. 24). His life from the time of his youth had been filled with praise for God’s marvelous deeds. Now when he is old he still desires to praise Him and declare His power. In this passage the psalmist rehearses some of the great things God has done for him. Who, O God is like you? is asked several times in the Psalms, with slight variations in wording (cf. 35:10, 77:13, 89:6 and 113:5). God has shown the aging psalmist over and over again that He is able to deliver him from trouble and even from the point of death (cf. 30:1 and 130:1). Therefore he is confident that God will honor and comfort him once again.


As I grow older, It is my desire to be a person who continually praises the Lord for who He is and what He has done in my life and through my life. I also want to look for ways I can praise others and cause their energy levels to go up like in the illustration above.

Psalms 71:14-24 (English Standard Version)

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