David Motivates Solomon to Build The Temple

One Sunday evening, David Livingstone sat in the Aberdeen Music Hall listening to a service lead by the London Missionary Society. When the service was over, Livingstone looked wistfully after the team as they filed out the door. The look on his face attracted the attention of a … More


David gives Solomon the reason why he should build the temple (vv. 11-13). He prays for Solomon that the Lord will keep his promise to help him build a temple (v. 11). He also asks the Lord to give Solomon wisdom and knowledge so he can rule Israel according to His law (v. 12). He knows that if he keeps the laws of Moses he will be successful (v.13). Nothing is more powerful to engage us in any service for God, than to know that we are appointed by Him. Because he has leisure and opportunity to do it he should have peace and quietness. Where God gives rest, he expects work. Because God had promised to establish his kingdom God’s gracious promises should quicken and strengthen our religious service.

David delivered to Solomon an account of the vast preparations he had made for this building; not from pride and vain-glory, but to encourage Solomon to engage cheerfully in the great work (vv. 14-19. He told how he had all the supplies and the men to do the work (vv. 14-16). He tells Solomon that he has plenty of workers to do the job, so it is time to get started (v. 16). David then gives orders for the leaders to help Solomon (v. 17). He tells how God has helped him defeat all the people who had lived here and given peace from all the enemies. Now this land belongs to the Lord and his people (v. 18). A great reason for David to rejoice!


Have I ever had a desire to do something but never able to see it accomplished?  Then someone else came along and was able to do exactly what I wanted to do. How did I feel? Did I rejoice with them in what was happening? I need to rejoice in the success of others.    

I Chronicles 22:11-19 (English Standard Version)

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