David Recruits Leaders to Build The Temple

In football they have a huddle, the goal of which is to give thirty seconds to call the play. The players need to get organized so they can know where to go and what to do. A huddle is a necessary ... More


David was about 70 years of age when Solomon, his son, was made king (v. l, also 1 Kings 1:11-40). census was taken and the total number of Levites from the age of thirty years and upward was 38,000 (v. 3). This census (unlike the previous one) only counted the Levites, those set apart to serve God. 

Although David couldn’t build the temple, he could prepare and took the job very seriously. He not only gathered funds and materials, but he also planned much of the administration and arranged the worship services. The next five chapters demonstrate the importance of organization and how it is essential for smooth and effective service.

The Priests and Levites had different jobs in and around the temple. The Priests were authorized to perform the sacrifices while the Levites were set apart to help the Priests.  The Levites did the work of elders, deacons, custodians, assistants, musicians, repairmen, etc. Both the Priests and the Levites came from the tribe of Levi, but Priests also had to be descendants of Aaron who was Israel’s first high Priest (Ex. 28:1-3). Both were supported by tithes and special revenues from certain cities that had been designated for them.

David lowers the age limit for Levitical service to 20 from the previously designated 30 (v. 24). A possible reason for this is that once the worship was centralized in the temple at Jerusalem there would be less need to transport the tabernacle (v. 26), but there would be a greater need of Levites to direct the services in the temple.


God says we are to do things decently and in order, so I want to serve Him in an organized way.

I Chronicles 23:1-32 (English Standard Version)

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