Preparations For The Temple

In 1973 I was the Regional director for Word of Life Clubs in the Midwest Region of the US and Wayne Lewis, a co- worker, asked me go with him on a short-term missions trip to St John  Newfoundland. The Lord worked in a wonderful way and it was such a life changing experienc … More


David was excited to start planning and preparing for the great work of building the temple (v. 1). He was not allowed to build it himself, but he wanted to do everything he possibly could to set his son Solomon up for success. When the Lord closes a door, instead of becoming discouraged or idle, we should still do whatever we can for Him. David hired foreigners and stone masons (v. 2), and he gathered a great supply of other materials before his death (vv. 3-5). David then called for Solomon (v. 6). He told him of his plan to build the temple and how the Lord had changed that plan (vv. 7-8). David had shed too much blood in securing his kingdom. Solomon was to be “a man of rest”, and the Lord would give him peace and quiet so that he could build the temple (vv. 9-10). The Lord would establish the royal throne forever. Where God gives rest, he expects work. 

David prayed for Solomon that the Lord would keep his promise to help him build a temple (v. 11). He asked the Lord to give Solomon wisdom and knowledge so he could rule Israel according to His law (v. 12). David knew that if Solomon kept the laws of Moses, he would be successful (v.13). David told Solomon of the vast preparations he had made for this building (vv. 14-16). David also told the leaders to help Solomon (v. 17). He told how the Lord had defeated their enemies and given them peace on all sides (v. 18). He concluded that now was the time to set their minds and hearts on the task of building the temple for the name of the Lord (v. 19). 


Have you ever had the desire to do something but never got around to doing it? And then someone else came along and was able to do the exact thing you had wanted to accomplish? Did you rejoice with them? Like David, I want to be able to rejoice in other’s successes and set them up for success.

I Chronicles 22:1-19 (English Standard Version)

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