Rehoboam Worshiped God at First but Fell Into Idolarty

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Rehoboam acted wisely at first as he welcomed those who came to worship God. He established the Southern kingdom and strengthened his personal position as a monarch. But after three years he forsook the law of God and led his people into idolatry and corruption (v. 1). At this time it became apparent that Rehoboam’s border fortification was not adequate to guard Judah against the Egyptian Army under king Shilshak (v. 2).

The Lord allowed Shilshak to invade Judah as a punish­ment for Rehoboam’s sin of abandoning the law of the Lord (vv. 3-8). At this point the prophet Shemaiah told Rehoboam that the Egyptian invasion was a divine retribution for Judah’s sin and that only sincere repentance would turn it aside. The king and his princes repented and God in His mercy spared them (vv. 6-12).

Before Shilshak withdrew from Jerusalem, he ransacked the temple and the royal place of all the gold which King Solomon had in it (v. 9). Later Rehoboam regained some of his wealth and power. He died at the age of 58 and was buried in Jerusalem (the city of David) with his kingly ancestors (v. 16). He reigned 17 years and was characterized by an evil heart towards God and a persistent war with Jeroboam (vv. 13-15). Rehoboam started out great but he did not finish well.


I can look around us today and see men who started out by honoring the Lord as Rehoboam did. However, as power and influence came into their life I can see them begin to worship things and forsake the law of God. It is my desire that I may finish my life well.


II Chronicles 12:1-16 (English Standard Version)

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