It is Dangerous to Take Sides Against God’s Man

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The people disbelieved Jeremiah’s message because it contradicted the message of the false Jewish prophets in Babylon (vv. 15-19). Evidently these prophets were proclaiming the safety of Jerusalem and the swift return of those in captivity. Jeremiah shattered their optimistic forecasts by announcing that those who had not been exiled were destined for the sword, famine, and plagues. Jeremiah singled out two men who were evidently the ringleaders of the false prophets in Babylon (vv. 20-23). They were Ahab son of Koliah and Zedekiah son of Maaseiah. Nothing else is known about these men, but they were prophesying lies (v. 21) to the people and committing adultery with their neighbors’ wives (v. 23). God vowed to judge these false prophets by handing them over to Nebuchadnezzar who would put them to death before the very eyes of the exiles, to serve as an object lesson on the danger of fomenting rebellion.

Evidently after Jeremiah’s first letter to the exiles (vv. 1-23) another prophet in Babylon, Shemaiah, wrote the leaders in Jerusalem urging them to punish Jeremiah (vv. 24-28). However, the letter was read to Jeremiah (v. 29) who then wrote a second letter to the exiles. He quoted the text of Shemaiah’s letter (vv. 24-28) and delivered God’s word of judgment against the false prophet (vv. 29-32). Under God’s guidance Jeremiah sent a second message to all the exiles. This letter contained God’s judgment against Shemaiah for claiming to be His prophet. God would punish both Shemaiah and his descendants. Neither he nor his family would live to see the good things God promised to do for His people but forfeited his right to take part in these blessings because, by urging those in Jerusalem to oppose Jeremiah, he had preached rebellion against God.


It is dangerous to take sides against God’s man. Even though I may disagree with someone in the ministry I need to let God handle the situation and not me.

Jeremiah 29:15-32 (English Standard Version)

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