Jesus Heals Many People

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Quiet Time

At the conclusion of the service at the synagogue Jesus goes to the home of Simon Peter. Peter’s mother-in-law was very sick “with a great fever” (v. 38). In a moment Jesus heals her and she is able to “minister unto them” (v.39). It is quite evident from this passage that Peter was a married man and did not live a life of celibacy, as those who claim he was the first pope would like to have us believe.

The news about Jesus healing the sick spread quickly and that same night many sick people are brought to Him, and He heals them all (vv. 40-41). However, we must keep in perspective the fact that His main emphasis was on preaching and not healing. The purpose of healing was to authenticate His ministry  as coming from God. The Bible certainly does not require such a ministry for today. Our homes are threatened by fevers of all sorts-far beyond the physical. There is so much unresolved conflict, unforgiveness, unfaithfulness, compromising media communications, pornography, and more. We need Jesus in our homes.

The Lord must have been weary after such a demanding day, and yet we find that He was up early the next morning to have a Quiet-Time (Mark 1:35). No matter how busy He became in the ministry, He knew the necessity of a time alone with the Father at the beginning of each day (v.42). If He needed this time to be alone with the Father, we also surely need it each day. After this preparation He said “I must preach” (vv. 43-44). The reason for Jesus’ rebuke was that He did not come to earth so that demons could acknowledge Him as the Christ, that is, the Messiah. Instead, He came to be acknowledged by people.


Spending time with the Lord in reading His word and praying must be a priority in my life. I also want my life to be spent encouraging and training others in spending time with the Lord.

Luke 4:38-44 (English Standard Version)

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