David’s Prayer of Praise

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David sings praises to the Lord before all the people (v. 10). He says that the God of Israel is to be praised forever for His greatness, power, glory, majesty and victory. He tells the Lord how His power is great and His glory is seen everywhere; both in the heavens and in all the earth (v. 11). He goes on to say that both riches and honor come from Him and that He rules with strength and power (v. 12). He thanks Him and praises Him for His attributes (v. 13). He says that anything that we have actually belongs to Him and anything we give back to Him already is His (v. 14). We are foreigners living here on earth for a while, just as our ancestors were (v. 15). We are like a shadow that will suddenly disappear, and there is no hope or expectation remaining.

He tells the Lord how we have brought all of these things to build a temple to honor Him (v. 16).  They belong to Him because He gave them to us. He says we are happy because everyone has  voluntarily and freely given these things to you (v. 17). He asks the Lord to help us to be faithful to Him just as our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob faithfully worshiped Him (v. 18). He also desires that Solomon will completely obey His laws and teachings and have a desire to build the temple (v. 19). David then tells the people that it is their turn to praise the Lord (v. 20). With this thought everyone bowed down to honor David their king. When David told the assembly to “Give praise to the Lord your God,” they bowed low and knelt before the Lord and the king.


I need to honor those to whom honor is due regardless if I agree with all they say and all they do. I need to honor them because of their position and not necessarily because of their proclamation. That is especially true of my parents, our president and those in authority over me.    

I Chronicles 29:10-20 (English Standard Version)

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