David gave Solomon Blueprints for the Temple

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The last two chapters of l Chronicles presents the transition from David to Solomon as King of Israel. Knowing that the end of his life was imminent, David assembled all the princes of Israel in Jerusalem and made a public presentation of Solomon as his successor.  He reviewed the history of his own attempts to build the temple and explained how it did not come to pass because God had ordained that Solomon, his son, would be its builder.

David concluded his remarks with a charge to the people (v. 8) and Solomon (vv. 9-l0) to “keep and seek the commandments of the Lord your God” and to bring the building of the temple to a happy conclusion. He shared with Solomon the plans and specifications for the temple and its furnishings which the Spirit of God had revealed to him (vv. 11-l2, 19). Although Solomon is remembered as the temple builder, the blueprints for the temple were given to David by divine revelation, just as the plans for the tabernacle had been revealed to Moses. The information recorded here reveals how inclusive the details for not only the temple but also its furnishings were. It lists not only the different items of furnishing but also gives the weight and type of material for each item. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, David wrote down every detail of this divine revelation from God (v. 19).


David advised Solomon not to be frightened about the size of his task as king and builder of the temple. Fear can immobilize us in our tasks. The advice here is not to fear but to get to work. If God had told me, as a young Christian all I would be doing I’m sure I would have been frightened.

I Chronicles 28:11-21 (English Standard Version)

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