Gifts For Building The Temple

Hoping to develop his son’s character, a father gave him a penny and a quarter as he was leaving for Sunday School. “You put whichever one you want in the offering plate,” he said. When the boy returned, his father asked which coin he had given. The boy said, “Jus … More


Turning to the assembled crowd once again, David appeals to them for assistance and support for Solomon because he is young and lacking in experience (vv. 1-5). He stresses that the temple they were about to build was not a palace for a mere human being but the temple of the almighty God. Therefore, the task was great and required a tremendous amount of materials. Therefore, David appealed to them for liberal offerings to assist in the building of a house that was worthy of God.

David did not ask the people to do what he himself was not willing to do. He donated an enormous private gift from his own fortune (v. 3). On the basis of his own example, he asked for a similar response on their part (vv. 3-5). Sparked by the generosity of the king, the leaders of Israel did respond by matching his spirit of giving. They willingly contributed the following (vv. 5-9):

5,000 talents of gold = 190 tons

10,000 dineros of gold = 185 pounds

10,000 talents of silver = 375 tons

18,000 talents of bronze = 675 tons

l00,000 talents of iron = 3,750 tons

The offering was given to Jehiel, a guardian of the treasury, for safekeeping (v. 8). Overwhelmed by the willingness of the people to give, David also rejoiced greatly (v.9).


I need to have the same understanding as David did about giving, that being, that anything I ever give to God is merely returning to Him what is already His.

I Chronicles 29:1-9 (English Standard Version)

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