Gifts For Building The Temple

Hoping to develop his son’s character, a father gave him a penny and a quarter as he was leaving for Sunday School. “You put whichever one you want in the offering plate,” he said. When the boy returned, his father asked which coin he had given. The boy said, “Jus … More


Turning to the crowd once again, David appeals to them for assistance and support for Solomon because of his youth and lack of experience (vv. 1-5). This temple, he stressed, was not for a mere human but for the almighty God. The task was great and required a great amount of material. David asked them to give liberally to assist in the building of a temple worthy of God. David did not ask the people to do what he himself was not willing to do. He donated an enormous private gift from his own fortune (v. 3). Because of his own example, he asked for a similar response on their part (vv. 3-5). Sparked by the generosity of the king, the leaders of Israel did respond by matching his spirit of giving. The offering was given to Jehiel, a guardian of the treasury, for safekeeping (v. 8). Overwhelmed by the willingness of the people to give, David also rejoiced greatly (v.9).

David sang praises to the Lord (v. 10). The God of Israel was to be praised forever for His greatness, power, glory, majesty, and victory (v. 11). Riches and honor come from the Lord, and He rules with strength and power (v. 12). David thanked and praised the Lord for His attributes (v. 13). Anything we have belongs to Him and anything we give back to Him is already His (v. 14). We are foreigners living here on earth for a while, just like our ancestors (v. 15). Like a shadow, we will suddenly disappear, and there is no hope or expectation remaining. David told the Lord how they had brought all these things to build a temple to honor Him (v. 16).  They were happy because everyone had voluntarily and freely given these things to God (v. 17). David asked the Lord to help them be faithful to Him just as their ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob faithfully worshiped Him (v. 18). He also desired that Solomon would completely obey His laws and teachings and have a desire to build the temple (v. 19). David then told the people that it was their turn to praise the Lord (v. 20). They bowed low and knelt before the Lord and the king.


I need to have the same understanding as David did about giving, that being, that anything I ever give to God is merely returning to Him what is already His.

I Chronicles 29:1-20 (English Standard Version)

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