Solomon’s Greatest Achievement was Finishing The Temple

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Twenty years was the time spent in building the temple, his own palace, and in rebuilding some villages that Huram had previously been given by Solomon (I Kings 9:10-14). Huram was displeased with them so they were returned to Solomon. In this passage we find the names of people that were not Israelites, but they lived in the land, and worked for Solomon (vv. 7-10). This gave the Israelites more of an opportunity to serve in the army and work  as labor foremen. 

Although Solomon was not obedient to the Lord’s command forbidding the marrying of foreign wives, his spiritual sensitivity still led him to remove his idolatrous Egyptian wife from close proximity to the places that are Holy (v. 11).

Solomon’s spiritual devotion was evidenced by the many sacrifices he performed at the temple dedication.. I Chronicles  does not make mention of Solo­mon’s pagan shrines and worship, seen in I Kings 11:1-13. It does mention what must have been his general practice of  fulfilling Mosaic  sacrifices (vv. 12-13).  Solomon also kept the priestly and Levitical divisions established by his father (David). Probably Solomon’s highest achievement was in completing the temple.


When my life is finished what will I be known for? Will I have invested the majority of my time in earning money and purchasing things or will I have spent a great deal of my time serving the Lord and helping others. “This life will soon be past; only the things done for Christ will last." 

II Chronicles 8:1-18 (English Standard Version)

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