Judas Brings a Mob to Arrest Jesus

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While Jesus was speaking Judas arrived in the garden with a large crowd (v. 47). They had swords, clubs, torches and lanterns (John 18:3). Judas had arranged a signal with the officials that the one he kissed would be the one to arrest (vv. 48-49). When Judas called Jesus “Rabbi,” there is no record that he ever used the term “Lord.” It has always been possible to claim allegiance to God without ever handing over the reins of our life to Him. Of course, there was no reason to arrest Jesus. He had not broken the law or committed any crimes. They began treating Him like a common thief when it was Judas who was the thief (v. 50)! In this crisis situation, Peter, rushed ahead, in his zeal to help Jesus, cut off Malchus ear with a sword (v. 51). Jesus tells him to put away the sword (v. 52).


The fact that the guards had not arrested Him in the temple showed all was on God’s time table and evil men were responsible for the deed (vv. 53-55). The disciples who bravely promised to deliver Him now deserted Him. These things were not happening by accident, but by God’s appointment. Even, a well-intended defense by one of His disciples will not deter Jesus from the cross.


At this moment of seeming crisis all of the disciples deserted Him and fled into the night even though they had vowed they would never do so (v. 56)! (Matt. 26:33-35). Truly the flesh is weak and that is why Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to indwell us.


What do I do when a crisis strikes? It is so easy for me to do what Peter did and try to solve the problem myself. Whatever the situation I just need to seek Jesus plan for me and follow it.

Matthew 26:47-56 (English Standard Version)

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